Amyx Inc. plans to hire about five people in the next two months. Cheryl Amyx, president and chief executive, talked with The Post's Andrea Caumont.

QWhat does your company do?

AWe do management and technical consulting. More specifically, our real strength is trying to uncover the business value to the customer. We don't just throw software at the customer, we find out what they need. Business process reengineering is one of our strengths. The combination of strategic management and technical management that supports a business decision. We do strategic plans, vision plans, workload analysis and economic analysis for government agencies. Our technology team provides tech solutions using proven tools. We also have a logistics management team with supply-chain experts and logistics experts. The other core area is knowledge management and chain management. We have knowledge management tools that we implement for our customers. We find out what their need is and develop Web portals so people can share information and collaborate.

What do you think your employees would say are the best reasons for working at your company?

There's a couple of things. We have a lot of fun. There's a great camaraderie here. We're very flexible. We realize people have lives outside of work. The importance of family and friends is part of our corporate values. Because we're a small company and we're supporting government and senior officials in high places, we have access to an interesting group of people. We're involved in really helping government change and grow, and that's an exciting place to be. The growth potential here is unlimited. Your job is whatever you want to make it. There's so much opportunity for dynamic people.

Who owns your company?

I am 100 percent owner, but I'm looking into implementing an employee stock ownership plan by the end of the year. We're a private company.

What sense of stability can your company offer job candidates?

I founded the company in 1999 but didn't actually start operating until May 2000; we're four years old. There are people who started within a few months after I started the company who are still here. We have a good customer base and are becoming more well known. We're a Microsoft partner and an Appian partner and a subcontractor to IBM. We work with big companies. Our stability is very good in that more people are interested in the company. We also have long-term contracts, and we're certified as an 8(a) small disadvantaged company, which is important to the government and many of our partners.

What are the demographics of your company?

We are 30 percent female and 10 percent minority company-wide. Within the four-person management team, there is one woman and one minority.

What positions do you have available, and what level of expertise do you want?

We're looking for a data engineer with five or more years of experience in data warehousing, ERP solutions, data modeling, metadata, data standards and business rules. We're also looking for two training and change management experts with three years of experience in training in a classroom-type environment, someone who understands the technology tools and who would be able to work with those tools and train others on how to use them. We also need two business analysts, with eight or more years of experience, who understand business processes. They will be supporting our Army customer, basically analyzing the current legacy systems and looking for ways to improve efficiencies in the logistics process.

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