Angers, France: What would you say to young Europeans who want to study in the United States? Many students are not sure that they would be welcomed.

I say come on over! Of course they are welcome, especially when they have talents in high demand and the language skills to match. Individual Americans' dislike of the French, in particular, is greatly exaggerated by the news media when the two countries' governments have conflict.

I was recently asked to resign from a job I had held for about five months. In job interviews, how do I explain what happened? My honest answer would be that I was poorly managed and reacted to it by procrastinating and doing far from my best work, but I know that's not really what employers want to hear. (I have learned my lesson, by the way.)

The main thing employers don't want to hear is bad-mouthing of your former bosses and co-workers. You would be honest in saying you and that job were a bad fit, and you didn't do your best work there. There's no need to go into specifics about what went wrong. Make it clear that you learned from the experience, and answer any further questions about the matter with a positive tone. You'll be fine.