CarrAmerica Realty Corp. said it earned $14 million (19 cents per share) for the second quarter, compared with $16.8 million (24 cents) during the same period a year earlier.

The District real estate investment trust sold offices it owned in Atlanta and used the cash to buy two office buildings in the Washington region that have higher cash flow, according to Stephen Walsh, senior vice president for capital markets at CarrAmerica. One of the buildings it bought is in Rosslyn and is home to the American Chemistry Council and the mall builder Mills Corp. The other is in the District's East End.

Revenue was relatively unchanged at $121.6 million, compared with $120.7 million. The company's funds from operations available to common shareholders -- a measurement used for real estate investment trusts that doesn't include depreciation, amortization and one-time items related to the sale of real estate -- were relatively unchanged at $47.7 million (80 cents), compared with $47 million (81 cents).

* Capital Automotive REIT, a McLean company that invests in real estate underlying automobile dealerships, said a charge for paying off early a portion of its debt led to a drop in second-quarter profit.

Capital Automotive earned $11.1 million (23 cents a share) on $49 million in revenue in the three months ended June 30. Included in the quarter is a $8.7 million charge related to the paydown of its debt with Ford Motor Credit Corp. For the same quarter a year earlier, Capital Automotive earned $12.7 million (40 cents) on revenue of $41.4 million. For the first half of the year, the company earned $29.6 million (71 cents) compared with $24.6 million (82 cents) in the first half of 2003. Revenue rose 21 percent, to $97.3 million.

Capital Automotive's funds from operations, a measure of real estate company performance, were $21.5 million for the quarter, compared with $23.8 million. That figure includes the $8.7 million debt extinguishment charge.

* Rouse Co. earned $61.2 million (58 cents per share) for the second quarter. That compared with profit of $138.1 million ($1.50) in the same period a year earlier. Executives at the Columbia-based real estate company said the difference was because it sold some of its retail assets in Philadelphia. Revenue was up 17 percent, to $403.6 million.

* AES Corp., which operates generating plants and energy facilities in the United States and other countries, reported increases in sales and profit for the second quarter of 2004. Sales grew 14 percent, to $2.3 billion, compared with $1.99 billion for the same period in 2003. Profit was $38 million (6 cents per share), compared with a loss of $129 million (22 cents).