InfoReliance plans to hire 28 people in the next two months. Bill Williams and Andrew Butler, co-founders, and Marshall Thames, vice president, talked with The Post's Andrea Caumont.

QWhat does

your company do?

AAndrew Butler: We're a full life cycle software development firm, and our main customer is the federal government. We specialize in design and development of software applications, operations and maintenance, and business process reengineering. We work with more than 30 defense and civilian government agencies on large-scale software development projects.

What do you think your employees would say were the best reasons for working at your company?

Marshall Thames: We've got a low turnover rate of, on average, zero to 5 percent a year, and we've grown, so I think that reflects on the culture here. The people here are at a level that's above what they're used to working with. We work on enterprise applications that have significant business value for our clients. Our consultants get to work directly with the clients. They get to see how the systems they're working on affect the clients. They're not sitting in a back room writing code. We're focused on empowering our consultants. We make sure they have the best hardware and software available to do their jobs.

Who owns your company?

Bill Williams: We're privately held. The company is owned by the co-founders, and we also have an employee stock option plan.

What sense of stability can your company offer job candidates?

Bill Williams: We were founded in 2000. We have a track record of steady profitable growth. We've doubled our revenues each year. We have long-term contracts and repeat business and referrals. Over the last 12 months, we've made significant investments in our business development organization. Our goal is to continue to double our revenues and accelerate our growth.

What are the demographics of your company?

Company-wide, we're 17 percent female and 20 percent minority. Within the senior management team, we're 33 percent female and 11 percent minority.

What positions do you have available and what level of expertise do you want?

We're looking for 18 software consultants who possess advanced n-tier development skills and superior consulting skills. They should specialize in .Net (C#/VB.NET) and Oracle or SQL Server. We're hiring across the full range of experience. We also need two program managers who will provide business and proposal development, account management, consulting services and technical project management. We're hiring three Web developers who should possess exceptional creative and technical skills in HTML, Flash and related tools. We're also looking for two technical writers who should be able to produce exceptional technical documentation, including user's guides, design documents, help documents and system administration guides. We're also looking for three technical support engineers who should have minor development skills and a technical background that enables them to go into a database and do programming. Finally, we need two systems administrators with experience in Windows Server administration, Active Directory roll-out and Storage Area Network management.