Position: Chief executive, Manugistics Group Inc., a Rockville provider of software for managing supply chains.

Career highlights: President and chief executive, EXE Technologies Inc.; president and chief executive, Invensys Automation & Information Systems; sales manager, Texas Instruments Inc.; vice president, systems, Eurotherm Corp.; and, senior process control engineer, Monsanto Co.

Age: 55

Education: BS, electrical engineering, Auburn University; MS, electrical engineering, Arizona State University.

Personal: Lives in Atlanta with wife, JoAnn; they are to move to Rockville soon.

How did you get to where you are?

I always wanted to be a computer engineer and work with computers. This goes back to when I was in junior high school. My father always talked to me about engineering. He was an electrician. He died when I was in high school. I went to college and got an engineering degree. I went to work with Monsanto as an engineer to do automation in one of their plants. I started making presentations to our senior manager and found out that I had a pretty good gift of gab. I decided to change to marketing. I left Monsanto and joined Texas Instruments. But I found that the sales guys made all the money when I did all the work. So I decided to move from marketing to sales and finished my career with Texas Instruments as a sales manager. I joined Eurotherm to run one of their divisions. I thought software was starting to be the wave of the future. So I joined Wonderware in their marketing and sales and moved from there to become president and chief executive.

I'm a very analytical person. As a president and chief executive, I was directing organizations to be better in solving problems. My success comes by focusing on the customer. . . . At EXE Technologies, I was brought in as an agent of change. People don't like change. They like it nice and comfortable. The challenge is how to work with people and get them to accept change in how they are going to do their job. The company was losing money. We had to figure out how we were going to come back. We increased revenue, took cost structure down. We turned it from a negative to a company that had reached the break-even point when I sold it.

I have succeeded in everything I have done. I'm driven to be the best or number one. I'm a workaholic, type-A, driven, straightforward, open, honest. I treat everyone the same way. I can't stand politics in an organization.

-- Judith Mbuya