The SEC released this transcript of a voice-mail message that is spreading as part of what regulators call a new stock scam:

"Hey Tracy, it's Debbie! I couldn't find your old number and Tammy said this was your new one -- I hope it's the right one. Anyway, remember Evan, that hot stock exchange guy I'm dating? He gave my dad that stock tip on [stock symbol] and it went from under a buck to like three bucks in two weeks and you were mad I didn't call you? Well I'm calling you now. This new company is supposed to be like the next Tommy Bahama and they're making some big news announcement this week. The stock symbol is [stock symbol]. He said it's cheap now, like $0.50. Sorry I'm eating but I'm starving. It's $.50 now and it's going up to, like, 5 or 6 bucks this week, so get as much as you can. Call me on my cell -- I'm still in Orlando. It's [phone number]. Dad and I are buying a bunch tomorrow and I already called Kelly and Ron, too. Anyway, I miss you. Give me a call. Bye."