These firms recently filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court's local clerk of court offices.

Under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy code, a company is protected from claims by creditors while it attempts to reorganize its finances under a plan approved by the court.

In a Chapter 7 liquidation, a court trustee sells assets to pay creditors' claims. The company then ceases operations.

Eastern Virginia District

Alexandria Division

Global Construction Corporation International Inc., also known as Global Construction Corporation International of Maryland

922 Queen St., Alexandria, Va. 22314

Type of filing: Chapter 7 liquidation

Case number: 04-13448-SSM

Date filed: Aug. 13

Attorney: Michael J. Sgarlat, 703-549-2000

Assets: Zero

Liabilities: $173,293

Largest unsecured creditor: Demarest L. Reed, $77,000

District Court

SER Corp. also known as Galileo Restaurant, Laboratorio Del Galileo and Osteria Del Galileo

1110 21st St. NW, Washington, DC 20036

Type of filing: Chapter 11 reorganization

Case number: 04-01249

Date filed: Aug. 16

Attorney: Darrell W. Clark, 202-785-9100

Assets: $3,000

Liabilities: $2,416,758

Largest unsecured creditor: District of Columbia, Office of Tax and Revenue, $111,280

HFM Enterprises Inc.

2117-2119 R St. SE, Washington, DC 20020

Type of filing: Chapter 11 reorganization

Case number: 04-01252

Date filed: Aug. 16

Attorney: Tommy Andrews Jr., 703-838-9004

Assets: $100,001 to $500,000

Liabilities: $100,001 to $500,000

Largest unsecured creditor: State Resources Corp., $287,000 ($120,000 secured)

-- Compiled by Judith Mbuya