Reston: Any suggestions on how to find permanent part-time work? I'm an experienced writer and editor, but I want a part-time slot so I can pursue freelancing opportunities while having a steady source of income. It just doesn't seem as if there are too many part-time opportunities advertised.

Just because they aren't advertised doesn't mean they're not there. But you will have to look a little harder. I suggest you start your search through temp agencies. If you do a good job, you'll likely be offered the chance to stay on directly with one or more of the companies you work for. The major downside to part-time work is that it often pays less on a per-hour basis than you would get doing the same job full time. The discrepancy is particularly bizarre because part-timers rarely receive benefits either. I've read several stories about mothers who share jobs, often at big companies, but I have never personally met anyone who works under this sort of arrangement.

Randallstown: How do you go about trying to get a job at a charter school in the District? Do you know their Web address?

The D.C. Public Charter School Board's Web site ( contains information about job openings at each of the schools, which are run independently of the District's other public schools. The requirements for employment are similar, however.