Position: Executive vice president, product development and operations for enterprise solutions, Group 1 Software of Lanham, which provides integrated mail and document management systems, services and solutions.

Career highlights: Chief technology officer, Group 1 Software; strategic technology consultant and principal, Humanvision LLC; executive vice president, managing partner and founder, Database Production Services; senior consultant, Group 1 Software; director of operations, Dow Theory Forecast.

Age: 41

Education: BA, business administration, Illinois Institute of Technology.

Personal: Lives in Mitchellville with wife, Tami, and children, Caty, 16; Nathaniel, 14, and Cari, 12.

How did you get to where you are?

I build things. I build successful teams that result in successful companies. I'm looking forward to being part of this management team, which has similar interests and objectives. The diversity of my career serves me extremely well in this new job, which is really a mix of business and technology. To be successful in a role that I'm currently in does not take specialization in a specific area. It takes a broader knowledge in many areas.

One of the biggest decisions or breaks happened in my relocation to Maryland from Chicago. The opportunity level in the D.C. area for people who have skills like mine is far superior to the Midwest.

I don't think there were any particular mentors, but I do think that my experience from doing start-ups twice has proved invaluable to me when building successful teams in larger organizations. I think the key is figuring out what you enjoy doing in life and then trying to find a job that gives you the satisfaction that you're looking for. I figured out over time that my preference is to work in an environment that lets me do different things every day. The thing that I like about my job the most is the variety.

The biggest challenge I faced was completing the start-up of my first company. Things like putting payroll on your credit card have a way of centering your focus. The payoff to all of those problems was the fact we were able to build a successful business that I essentially ended up selling back to my partner and exiting.

Lessons learned? I think it's important for any growing organization to remember how to be small no matter how large they get; always define your markets based on your customers' input; you can never provide too much customer service; try to always work with people whom you like; and, the most important aspect of any job is to make sure you enjoy what you're doing.

-- Judith Mbuya