DigitalNet, which is being acquired by BAE Systems North America, plans to hire about 250 people over the next 45 days. Steve Hanau, president, talked with The Post's Andrea Caumont.

QWhat does your company do?

ADigitalNet is an information technology services company. We perform services for the federal government in four main areas. The first is strategic consulting, where we provide high-level advice to government CIOs and help them to understand their business requirements. Our second, and largest, business is managed-network services, where we look at the entire network from the wide-area network to the desktop and provide the full life cycle of services. Third, we provide information assurance services, where we help agencies develop security architectures and meet security compliances. Our fourth business is application development integration, where we do Web-enabling of legacy applications, database design, build front-end portals and help to integrate software and customize it.

What do you think your employees would say are the best reasons for working at your company?

The work we do. We're performing critical services, things vital to the national defense and protecting the homeland. The reputation we have is for high-quality services. Every employee knows every individual in the company has the authority and responsibility to do what's right for the customer. This is really a high-growth entrepreneurial environment. There's tremendous opportunity for people to do exciting things. We give people the opportunity to learn to move on and deal with the latest technologies.

Who owns your company?

We're a public company, backed by the private equity firm GTCR. We also have an employee stock ownership plan. DigitalNet is very excited about the merger with BAE Systems. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval and customary closing conditions, and it is expected to close in the fourth quarter. At that time, the company will be positioned as a major player to go after larger deals as one of the top 10 federal system integrators. Additionally, the merger creates more opportunities for employees as part of a bigger enterprise.

What sense of stability can your company offer job candidates?

Right now we have almost 250 openings, so there's a lot of potential to move around within the company. Over the past two quarters, our organic growth rate has been between 14 and 15 percent. There are always openings in the critical IT field that will give people the opportunity to move and grow and learn more about the technology.

What are the demographics of your company?

Companywide, we are 31 percent female and 34 percent minority. On the 15-person management team, there are three women and one minority.

What positions do you have available, and what level of expertise do you want?

The key categories for the positions we have available are network assistance engineers, database designers, information assurance specialists, enterprise architects and technical help desk and support people. We hire candidates with experience supporting managed networks, information assurance and information security, application development, program management and intelligence efforts. Our positions generally require security clearances. We also have a leadership development program where we take people who we think will be future leaders of the company and provide them mentors from a senior leadership team. We take high-potential people in the organization and groom them for positions of greater responsibility.