Neither the approach of Halloween nor the specter of Electoral Madness 2.0 did much to spook investors in the last week of trading before voters go to the polls to pick a president.

With oil prices coming down a few bucks from their high near $56 on Monday, the major indexes managed to pick up solid gains. They needed them. Before this week, the Dow Jones industrial average had been at its nadir for the year. But with crude slipping and the presidential race spinning through its final days, investors built some momentum heading into what is traditionally a post-election rally.

Analysts expect good news for Wall Street no matter who takes the White House. The question on the minds of investors, though, is whether the election will be decided Tuesday or if there will be a repeat of Florida in 2000. If it is, last week's rally could be hard to sustain.

For the week, the Dow was up 269.66, or 2.76 percent. The Nasdaq Stock Market composite index and the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index had identical gains of 3.1 percent; that means 59.85 points for the Nasdaq, and 34.46 for the S&P.

-- Griff Witte