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High Court Overturns Andersen Conviction

Justices rule unanimously that the jury should have been required to find that the accounting firm knowingly broke the law. A1

AIG Restates Results

American International Group acknowledges $4.3 billion in accounting errors over a five-year period. D2

United Airlines unions agree to contracts, heading off a possible strike. D2

Citigroup settles charges it kept money from mutual fund investors. D3

U.S. stocks fall after a report on Midwest manufacturing performance. D3


Prince George's County's Push for Upscale Retail

Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson got scant encouragement from the Cheesecake Factory. But other retailers appear interested. A1

Md. Computer Firms Must

Give to Recycling Fund

Computer makers that sell in Maryland must now pay up to $5,000 annually to help recycle the gadgets consumers jettison. D4

Former Riggs executive Simon Kareri to be held indefinitely. D4

Fannie Mae's investment portfolio shrinks. D4

Independence Federal Savings Bank delays annual meeting. D4


FBI Investigating

Theft of Computer

Authorities say a stolen laptop may have contained travel information for 80,000 Justice Department employees. D5

Two Telecom Giants

Frustrated in TV Push

Verizon and SBC lose a battle in Texas to get a statewide television franchise. D5

Chinese Cell Phone Firms Fight for Upscale Market

The Chinese cell phone market is growing, but consumers want fancier phones than domestic producers make. D5


Eco-Friendly E.U. Rules Boost Finnish Firms' Hopes

Entrepreneurs in Finland look to capitalize on a new E.U. regulation requiring manufacturers to recycle most of the contents of electronics sold in Europe. D6


Dilbert D2

Working D2

Global Markets D6


Nasdaq D8

Futures D9

Mutual Funds D10

Dividends D11

Foreign Exchange D11

Highs and Lows D11