We've made several changes in the content and design of the Business section to highlight the breadth and variety of our coverage and to help readers more easily find stories of interest.

There's a new table of contents down the left side of this page to direct readers to business-related stories inside the section and those that appear elsewhere in the newspaper.

Turn inside, and you will find we are arranging our stories by topic area, with separate segments for national business, local business, international business and technology.

The Business Briefs, which previously had been contained on Page 2, are now organized differently; news briefs about local business will run on the local business page, for example. Most brief items will be a little fuller and carry their own headlines.

Dilbert remains on Page 2. We are adding a short feature next to it that will puzzle through workplace issues.

We are expanding our daily coverage of local business news. The Post has business reporters based in seven local jurisdictions, and we will publish more of their stories throughout the week, as well as in our signature Washington Business section on Mondays, which focuses exclusively on local business news. Look for our local stories on Page 4.

International business news is also being expanded, so we can better capture important events happening elsewhere in our increasingly global economy.

We will continue to rely on The Post's correspondents overseas for stories, but we are also publishing selected foreign stories from the Wall Street Journal. You can find those stories on Page 6.

The Business sections on Saturday and Monday will both include the left-side guide to stories inside the section, but otherwise their content will remain the same. Sunday Business will remain as it is, our showcase for business features that focus on individuals and their financial lives.

We invite your comments on these changes. Please send e-mail to business@washpost.com.