E.U. Antitrust Deadline Is Today

The European Union head office said it expects to decide by the end of July whether to impose new fines on Microsoft, whose deadline to comply with an order aimed at ensuring rivals can compete to supply accessories for its Windows platform is today. Microsoft said it was still working with the European Commission on resolving the dispute. The E.U. can fine Microsoft up to 5 percent of its daily global sales for each day a decision is not applied to the E.U.'s satisfaction. Today's deadline is for Microsoft to submit a final plan for compliance with the E.U.'s antitrust ruling.


Dell Regrets E-Mails on Lenovo

Dell said it regrets statements made by a salesman who sent e-mails telling customers that buying personal computers made by Lenovo Group was a tacit endorsement of the Chinese government. The messages violated Dell's code of conduct, said spokesman Jess Blackburn. Legend Group Holdings, which is controlled by the Chinese government, owns a majority stake in Lenovo, according to Hoover's. "The views expressed by the employee are regrettable and in no way represent the company's position," Blackburn said. He said "appropriate action" would be taken.


Vonage to Spend $10 Million

Vonage Holdings, a closely held provider of Internet-based calling, expects to spend at least $10 million to improve how its customers reach emergency services by calling 911. Vonage has reached agreements with Verizon, SBC, BellSouth and Qwest Communications to rely on their 911-calling services, chief executive Jeffrey A. Citron said. The $10 million will cover equipment needed to connect to the 911 systems, Citron said. Vonage is negotiating additional fees with each carrier separately, he said.


Boston Scientific Warned

Boston Scientific failed to conform with manufacturing rules on its Vaxcel vein-infusion devices, including requirements to adequately test for possible defects, regulators told the company. The implantable devices, made with and without valves, are used for attaching catheters that deliver cancer drugs.

Personal Data Privacy

Privacy breaches at major database firms in recent months have prompted nearly two dozen states to pass or consider legislation requiring companies to disclose to customers when their personal information is compromised. Go to for an analysis of the potential for a national data privacy law.