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SEC Chairman Donaldson Says He Will Step Down

The former investment banker went after Wall Street trading abuses and increased oversight of investment funds. A1

GM and Ford Announce New Round of Rebates

Buyers of new GM cars and trucks in the next month will get the company's employee discount. D2

Mandatory Shredding of Consumer Data Kicks In

FTC concern about identity theft means businesses and individuals must destroy financial data obtained from credit bureaus. D3

Glitch Ends NYSE Trading

Four Minutes Early

Exchange officials blamed a computer glitch. All orders received after 3:56 p.m. will be reentered when the exchange opens this morning. D3

U.S. stocks climb, but a rise in oil prices limits gains. D3


Incoming Banks Battle for Local Customers

New branches, lower fees and weekend hours may become the norm as Commerce Bank, PNC and First Horizon set up shop in the region. A1

Prince George's Roadside Food Vendors Fight Back

Immigrant pupusa sellers lobby to overturn a ban against mobile food sales that was enacted a decade ago to improve the county's image. D4

Carlyle Group nears $1.8 billion deal with Donald Trump. D4

New Jersey sues W.R. Grace over asbestos cleanup. D4


AOL Offers High-Speed Internet Access

Service to start in Washington and Chicago. D5


Airbus Delays Delivery on Giant A380 by Six Months

French firm cites supply woes and customization. D6

Italian Banker Presses Merger With German Group

Success would be a step toward a unified European financial services market. D6

Lenders pressure Hong Kong buyer of U.S. optical chain. D6


Michelle Singletary Tips for Boosting Your Savings D2


Dilbert D2

Working D2

Local Tech Index D5

Global Markets D6


Nasdaq D8

Mutual Funds D10

Foreign Exchange D11

Highs and Lows D11