Position: President, civilian agencies and homeland security, Robbins-Gioia LLC, an Alexandria provider of program management services.

Career highlights: Positions at Robbins-Gioia include senior vice president, civilian and state agencies; vice president, civilian agencies; director of operations, federal programs; business development consultant; account manager; deputy program manager; senior program analyst; and program analyst.

Age: 44

Education: BS, business administration, Duquesne University; certificate, business manager, Association of Professionals in Business Management.

Personal: Lives in Clifton with wife, Beth, and their daughter, Linsey, 16, and son, Branden, 13.

How did you get to where you are?

When I started, program management was in its infancy. It was not well-known as a program discipline. It was pioneered in the Department of Defense. So I tried to learn. And I had some really good mentors. As I continued to learn, I was given the opportunity to take on additional challenges and responsibilities. And one of the things I found very helpful was that RG was very supportive of their employees. They provided a lot of education and a lot of access to knowledge. People were there for me to ask questions. . . .

I just wanted to learn as much as I could so I could be a value to the next engagement that I was going to. The more I kept doing, the more responsibility the organization kept giving me.

The challenge that I'm faced with now is implementing the discipline of program management within Robbins-Gioia. We've always been so focused on all our customers that we haven't really taken the time to do what we do for our customers for ourselves. So what we're doing is implementing an enterprise architecture, which lays out the business processes and aligns them with technology. . . .

I work a lot. I love work. Making the right decision is a lot harder than making the easy decision. I try to balance the needs of the employees and our customers. It's really hard to come up with win-win situations that address all of those. I'm motivated by the desire to help people grow within the organization. I'm trying to do the same thing now for the organization. The more we grow, the more opportunity we have for people to become a part of Robbins-Gioia.

-- Judith Mbuya