C2 Technologies plans to hire about 50 people immediately. Chief executive Dolly Oberoi talked with The Post's Andrea Caumont.

QWhat does

your company do?

AWe design e-learning and training solutions. For example we train air crews for the A10 and C130 aircrafts. We train pilots for the new cockpits. We do a lot of computer-based technical training. We do simulation modeling and design custom e-learning solutions.

What do you think your employees would say are the best reasons for working at your company?

Our employees like the people in the work environment, the pay and benefits and the family feeling.

Who owns your company?

I do. We're privately held.

What sense of stability can your company offer job candidates?

We have at least eight years of backlog so that in itself provides a lot of job stability to our prospective employees. We have long-term contracts and are working on mission-critical contracts. They're not just fly-by-night contracts, and that provides a lot of stability, too.

What are the demographics of your company?

Company-wide we are 40 percent female and 26 percent minority. Within the eight-person senior management team, we are 50 percent female and 25 percent minority.

What positions do you have available and what level of expertise do you want?

We're looking for a director of contracts with 10 or more years of experience and knowledge of government contracting, program managers with five to 10 years of experience, senior- and mid-level instructional systems designers with three or more years of experience, marketing and proposal coordinators with three or more years of experience, and accounting support and project control specialists with two or more years of experience. We're also hiring instructors, role players, firing range masters, technical writers, administrative assistants, research analysts, and payroll specialists.