Captains of industry, the silver screen and industrial design, these immigrants became legends in their adopted country.

Andrew Carnegie

This working-class Scot helped to create the American dream of riches by investing part of his small salary -- in railroad cars, then oil, then steel. He championed capitalism, naturally, but also insisted that the wealthy had an obligation to society. By his death in 1919 he had given away some $350 million, or 90 percent of his fortune. Raymond Loewy

The "father of industrial design" and "the man who shaped America" was born in Paris in 1893, coming to New York to be a window dresser and fashion illustrator. He designed the classic example of modern streamlining, the S-1 locomotive for the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1937, the Lucky Strike cigarette pack in 1940, the Greyhound Scenicruiser and the Shell and Exxon logos.Samuel Goldwyn

Moving pictures predate the Hollywood machine, but it was Eastern European immigrants aiming for assimilation -- Goldwyn from Poland (an independent producer), Adolph Zukor from Hungary (Paramount Pictures), Louis B. Mayer from Russia (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) and others -- who gave birth to the American Dream as distributed on celluloid across the country and throughout the world.