Help, Wanted

Police in Las Vegas said this week that Alejandro Martinez, 23, left a job application, with his name and address, at a pizza parlor. Then he allegedly tried to rob the restaurant.

"I would chalk it up to either inexperience or plain stupidity," Frank Coumou, a Clark County, Nev., assistant district attorney, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Okay, so maybe Martinez has a little more to learn about what not to do during a job hunt.

With thousands of fresh grads descending on employers this month, perhaps more job-seeking "don'ts" are in order, courtesy of Paul Villella, chief executive of Reston staffing company HireStrategy, who says these all happened to his client companies.

* Don't liken yourself to a toilet seat. During an interview, a candidate asked, "Why is your toilet seat broken?" When the manager asked why he wanted to know, the applicant replied that the broken seat "speaks to how poorly you might treat your employees."

* Don't be too flexible. A candidate once discussed in detail how his yoga routine affected his ability to perform his job.

* Don't go topless. One guy got frustrated in an interview, took his shirt off and ran through the office.

-- Annys Shin