Position: Senior vice president, sales, Blackboard Inc., a Washington provider of enterprise software and related services for the education industry.

Career highlights: Executive vice president, global sales, Princeton Softech; president, chief executive and director, Davox Corp.; president and chief operating officer, ABT Corp.; president, chief executive and chairman, PSDI; senior vice president, Hyperion Solutions Corp.; teacher, coach and dean of students, the King School in Stamford, Conn.

Age: 56

Education: BA, history, Trinity College

Personal: Lives with wife, Alice, daughter, Lisa, 13, and son Stephen, 12; sons Ryan, 21, and Scott, 18, are in college. The family is in the process of moving to Washington from Boston.

How did you get to where you are?

After teaching and coaching for seven years, I switched careers and entered the world of high tech at the Service Bureau Co., a division of Control Data. After three years as a sales representative, I moved into sales management. At that point in my career, I realized that I had really not left teaching and coaching. Certainly the "students" were a bit older, and the "games" had higher stakes, but overall, the process was very similar. Throughout my career in sales and general management, I have worked to develop sales professionals who partner with organizations to solve complex, high-value problems or create opportunities for their organization by optimizing technology solutions. I have been fortunate to work for very successful solutions companies. As head of sales at Hyperion Solutions, I helped the company grow from $1 million to over $250 million.

As a parent of four children, I have remained actively interested in all levels of education. And as a trustee of the Trinity-Pawling School [a boys' boarding school in New York state] and a member of the Board of Fellows at Trinity College, I am intensely aware of the many challenges facing all levels of education in the world today. After consulting for the past two years, I began looking for something that would be much more than just another high-tech executive position. What excited me about Blackboard is the fact that we are catalysts for positive educational and cultural changes on campuses, from e-learning to campus commerce solutions. . . . For me, nothing could be more rewarding than blending my careers in education and high-tech sales and focusing on improving the education experience for students and teachers.

-- Judith Mbuya