Danaher Corp., a Washington diversified manufacturer, agreed to buy Pelton & Crane, a North Carolina provider of dental equipment, for about $85 million cash.


Paratek Microwave Inc., a Columbia maker of wireless equipment, sold $10 million of a total of $15 million of Series C convertible preferred stock to 11 investors, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Paratek's beneficial owners include ABS Ventures VI of Massachusetts, Novak Biddle Venture Partners of Bethesda, Morgenthaler Partners of Cleveland and Polaris Venture Partners of Massachusetts.

Intelli7 Inc., a Washington network traffic analysis and security firm, sold $2.1 million of Series A-2 convertible preferred stock to four investors, according to an SEC filing. Beneficial owners include Novak Biddle Venture Partners.

Digital Harbor Inc., a Reston software company, sold $11 million of Series B preferred stock to six investors, according to an SEC filing. Beneficial owners of Digital Harbor include Insight Venture Partners of New York and Financial Technology Ventures of San Francisco.

Mobile Access Networks Inc., a Vienna provider of indoor wireless networks, sold $6 million of Series D preferred stock to 16 investors, according to an SEC filing. Beneficial owners of Mobile Access include AIG Orion Fund of Israel, Pintago Venture Capital Management of Israel, and HabourVest Partners of Boston.


GSE Systems Inc., a Columbia software company, said GP Strategies Corp. of New York is spinning off its 58 percent interest in GSE Systems through a special dividend to GP shareholders, who will receive one share of GSE stock for each 3.5 shares of GP stock.

Compiled by Terence O'Hara and Bloomberg News.