Name: Netcordia

Location: Annapolis

Funding: Company received $3 million in funding from Novak Biddle Venture Partners last week.

Big idea: Netcordia's product, NetMRI, analyzes a network, collecting data on all of the devices on the network and performing a preliminary analysis to determine whether they're configured correctly and if the network is stable. By performing this basic work of compiling and auditing network data, the program frees up network engineers to spend more time resolving more-complex problems. The most recent release incorporates configuration policy analysis, said Terry Slattery, chief executive and founder. Companies enter into NetMRI the policies on how they configure and run their networks. NetMRI, a hardware appliance, compares the policies with how the networks are actually configured, so companies can make corrections to get into compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act's security requirements.

Where the idea was hatched: While working with his prior company, Chesapeake Computing Consultants Inc., Slattery said, he concluded that "the products that did network management didn't do the kind of analysis that I thought could and should be done. . . . A lot of management stuff is just reporting how links are being utilized, but I haven't seen any products out there that are doing in-depth analysis and saying, 'This particular subsystem on your network is misconfigured.' "

Big-name customers: Fannie Mae, TIAA-CREF, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the U.S. Army and the U.S. House of Representatives.

Price: Systems range from $25,000 for the smallest system capable of monitoring 200 routers and switches to $150,000 for the largest system for 2,000 routers and switches.

Founded: 2000

Who's in charge: Slattery; Craig Masters, vice president of sales; Paul Markun, vice president of marketing; Robert Evans, vice president of business development; and Frank M. Pittelli, vice president of engineering.

Employees: 12

Web site:

Partners: Chesapeake NetCraftsman LLC in Arnold and Blackwood Associates Inc. in Annapolis.

What the name means: The company name is a variation of a theme, Slattery said. "Bell Labs got spun out and was renamed Telcordia . . . and I thought 'what's a variation on Telcordia? That's an interesting name.' It's a name that people like; they can spell it."

-- Andrea Caumont

Leading Netcordia of Annapolis are Robert Evans, vice president of business development, left; Paul Markun, vice president of marketing; Terry Slattery, chief executive; Craig Masters, vice president of sales; and Tony Costello, Western regional sales manager.