Position: Chief security officer, Science Applications International Corp., a San Diego-based, employee-owned research and engineering company with more than 15,000 Washington area employees.

Career highlights: Twenty-eight years as a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service. Colo served as special agent in charge of the Reagan Protective Division, chief information officer and deputy assistant director for technology, and assistant director and chief financial officer. Colo joined SAIC in December 2003, managing the Homeland Security Support operation.

Age: 55

Education: BA, sociology, Gettysburg College; MS, administration of justice, American University; graduate of the National War College.

Personal: Lives in Fairfax with his wife Barbara. Colo has a son, Hagan, 24, and a daughter, Catrina, 31.

How did you get where you are today?

When I came down to Washington, D.C., and went to graduate school I joined the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. Back then they had a program called the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. They paid for any type of college or graduate work if you were a police officer. While in graduate school I was a cop and I worked with the Secret Service as part of the Special Operations division in the Metropolitan police. Basically, they recruited me. I started in our Washington field office. For seven years I did criminal investigations. I was the one who interviewed John Hinckley the day he shot President Reagan. I was the one who found out about the Jodie Foster connection. The FBI invited me into the interview. The Secret Service can't investigate the shooting of the president because we would be perceived as biased. Hinckley had some perceived psychiatric problems, and they allowed me to take the lead on the interview. I didn't take any notes. When the interview was done I went back to talk to him. I'd seen when they were doing an inventory of his wallet that he had a number in his wallet, so I took a hunch about that telephone number and asked him about it. He started talking about how it went to Yale University and [actress] Jodie Foster's room.

I've been in this position [with SAIC] since the beginning of June. One thing I really want to achieve and I think is important is I want to put a comprehensive security risk analysis software into effect for the entire company. I want to make sure we're well prepared for all the different requirements the government is looking for to make sure their information is secure. That's the big project I have started right now, to make sure we're in compliance with government regulations.

The other part is focusing on awareness of security. . . . One of the major responsibilities I have in this position is the integration of the physical and cyber-assurance parts of what SAIC does. It's a lot of awareness to make sure people understand what the CSO does and why I'm doing it. . . . I believe as we go forward doing our business, we can enhance our position as a consulting company if we are known as a company that takes security very seriously. That's what I want to focus on.

-- Andrea Caumont