Position: Chief marketing officer, BearingPoint Inc.

Career highlights: Weaver was most recently executive vice president of public relations for marketing and brand at AT&T Corp.; previously she was the company's vice president of investor relations. She also held management positions at Microsoft Corp., MCI Inc., and McGraw-Hill Cos., including Business Week.

Age: 52

Education: BS, textile science and marketing, University of Maryland.

Personal: Lives in New Jersey with her husband, David, and Tracker, their Jack Russell terrier. Weaver plans to split her time between BearingPoint's headquarters in McLean and its office in Liberty Corner, N.J.

How did you get to where you are?

I started life in the publishing industry with Prentice Hall. Then I went on to do a variety of things at McGraw-Hill in the marketing arena. I was tapped by Terry McGraw [currently chairman and chief executive] to come up and work with him running strategic planning for the corporation. I worked with him for a couple of years running the strategy for the company before going on to Business Week, where I ran executive programs. It was to take the Business Week brand name and develop new businesses that complemented the magazine. I did the first series of CEO conferences for Business Week in the United States, Europe and Asia. MCI was a customer of Business Week, and I got to know the MCI people. In 1990 they asked me to come join their company. This was when they were starting to move from being a '"cheap"' alternative to a serious telecom player. I went in as director of communications and then went on to become investor relations vice president. I then went on to Microsoft to help them build their investor relations program. This was in 1995, a time when Microsoft was growing like crazy and there was a lot of tension and interest in the stock. We built the program from the ground up. Then I had a chance to go to AT&T at a time when they were doing trivestiture [spinning off NCR and Lucent] and repositioning and restructuring the company. I was part of very interesting chapters at each of those companies.

It is a collection of all of my past experiences that prepare me for what I'm going to do today. I've always believed a career is building on sets of different skills from different industries. As BearingPoint clarifies who it is and where it's going, that's an exciting business proposition from my perspective. When I was making my decision as to what company I wanted to go to, the thing that did it for me here is that BearingPoint's customers think so highly of the company and the quality of work that they do. I believed a lot of the [accounting] issues the company is facing are plumbing issues, things that are resolvable, and I think there's a very good and focused plan to get through them. I believe BearingPoint is a company poised to play offense both domestically and globally. I have a great deal of confidence in [chief executive] Harry You and the management team he is putting together here.

-- Andrea Caumont