Broadcasters Agree to Digital Switch by 2009

Representatives of broadcast, satellite and cable-television companies told the Senate Commerce Committee that they can convert their systems to digital signals by 2009 if Congress requires it.

Both the Senate and House of Representatives are considering whether to impose a Dec. 31, 2008, deadline for switching the U.S. TV system to digital from analog channels.


Enron Broadband Trial Winds Down

Federal prosecutors asked jurors to convict five former executives at Enron's Internet division of lying about the company's technology and finances in order to raise Enron's stock price. In closing arguments, prosecutors asked jurors to look through 12 weeks of testimony to determine whether executives at Enron Broadband Services said the division's products and services were market-ready in early 2000, when the technology was still in the testing phase.


Groups Offer Definitions of Spyware, Adware

Anti-spyware vendors and consumer groups released preliminary definitions for "spyware" and "adware." Such definitions seek to improve anti-spyware products, educate consumers and fend off lawsuits from developers of software that sneaks onto computers. It's not clear whether the definitions might help end the intrusive practices.

Wi-Fi Hot Spots to Enable Web Phone Calls

Skype Technologies and Boingo Wireless unveiled a service enabling Internet calls over Wi-Fi hot spots, and Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics announced plans to develop mobile phones that combine cellular and Wi-Fi technologies.

For $8 a month, Skype Zones lets laptop users make phone calls using Skype's Internet phone services whenever they're near one of Boingo's wireless transmitters in public locations.

CBS News Redesigns Web Site

CBS News said it is revamping its Web site with 24-hour video news coverage to attract younger viewers and bolster online advertising.

The site will cull reports from the news department's staff and use segments that might not fit on the "CBS Evening News," said CBS News President Andrew Heyward.

Microsoft issued its monthly batch of software fixes, including three "critical" updates for various Windows and Office programs. Go to for more information.

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