Alexandria: I was going to go to law school, but I would prefer to escape the office environment and enter the health and fitness industry. I've been out of school for almost nine years and realized that's what I really enjoy doing. I'm looking for advice about the best way to make that switch, not go broke and/or spend the next 10 years in school. I am considering a master's degree in health promotion. I'd have at least a year of prerequisites to do, and I still have to take the Graduate Record Examination.

Before you jump from one grad school commitment to another, consider that there may be other ways to switch into this field, especially if you're not interested in the office side. Find people who already have your dream job and ask them how they got it. It may be that you need just a class or two, or perhaps a part-time internship, to make the switch.

Columbia: My wife has been accepted to a doctoral program in Michigan and will be beginning her program this fall. I have been submitting resumes to area employers and have not had much response thus far. Any tips on finding employment out of state?

As you've discovered, out-of-town applicants tend to head to the bottom of hiring manager's piles. The best way to counteract that is with your physical presence, even if it's brief. Can you do an extended visit between now and the move? Can you arrange to attend any appropriate networking events on your trip? If there's a professional association for your field, join it and scroll the membership lists for people near your future home.