Judge Temporarily Bars Google Executive

A former Microsoft executive who defected to Google cannot immediately perform the job Google hired him to do, a judge ruled, saying Microsoft has a well-grounded fear that leaked trade secrets could hurt its business.

Superior Court Judge Steven Gonzalez granted a temporary restraining order barring Kai-Fu Lee from working at Google on anything similar to what he worked on at Microsoft.

Lee was hired to lead a research center Google will soon open in China. Microsoft sued Lee and Google last week, claiming that by taking the Google job, Lee violated a pact he signed in 2000 barring him from working for a direct competitor in an area that overlapped with his roles at Microsoft.

Nextel Suit Dropped for Arbitration

Nextel Partners said it withdrew its suit against Nextel Communications after agreeing to refer a dispute related to Reston-based Nextel Communications' proposed merger with Sprint to an arbitration panel. Nextel Partners, which sells Nextel services in 31 states, had filed a suit seeking to clarify branding issues as the companies have said Sprint will be the lead brand after the merger.

RIAA Files More Lawsuits

The Recording Industry Association of America said it has filed a new round of lawsuits against 765 people, accusing them of stealing music over Internet file-sharing services. Thousands of such suits have been filed in the past two years, and the trade group promised stepped-up legal action in the coming months.


Microsoft to Market Pricier Products

Microsoft chief executive Steven A. Ballmer said the company will try to make up for slower sales growth by developing more expensive versions of its Windows operating system and Office applications suite.

Chairman Bill Gates, left, said the company is "playing catch-up" in Internet search to giants Google and Yahoo.


Sony Reports $66 Million Loss

Sony swung to a fiscal first-quarter loss of $66 million from a $211.5 million profit. Revenue fell 3.3 percent, to $14.66 billion.

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