Fairfax: I have relocated to the area with my husband and am not happy in my current position. I would like to talk to a career counselor in the area about what to look for in another position to stay on track with my career and also possibly further my education. Are there professional career counselors in the area I could meet with?

There are plenty of them. The Women's Center (www.thewomenscenter.org) in Vienna is a good place to start. It offers counseling, testing and workshops on a variety of topics, including career planning.

Severna Park: I'm a downsized senior-level sales manager. I recently used Recruiter Connection to send my profile and resume to, purportedly, 600 sales recruiters. I was successful in hearing back from about 300 resume blasting services. Are there any Web sites you can recommend to get my profile and resume into the hands of sales recruiters?

Successful job hunting is a lot like other kinds of sales, except in this case you're the product. So stop looking for magic Web sites that will do the work for you. They don't exist. The best way to get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters is still one at a time.