QHow do I delete the text entries into Web forms that my browser has remembered for me?

AThe "auto-complete" feature this reader writes about is normally helpful, but sometimes you don't want to record what you've been looking for online -- to use the most innocuous example possible, say you've been buying gifts for other people who share your computer.

I don't recommend turning off auto-completion, because it's too convenient overall. Fortunately, you don't have to: You can tell your browser to forget individual auto-complete entries.

In Internet Explorer and Firefox, start typing out the entry you want to be rid of, wait for the browser to suggest it in a drop-down listing below that form, then select it. In IE, press the Delete key; in Firefox, hit Shift and Delete.

In Firefox, this Shift-Delete trick will also scrub out auto-complete entries in the browser's address bar and Web-search bar.

In Apple's Safari, a slightly different procedure applies. Go to the Safari application menu, select Options and click the "AutoFill" icon. Then click the "Edit . . ." button next to whichever category of saved entries you'd like to prune.

When I start Windows, it asks me for the Office 2000 CD-ROM. I can cancel out of those prompts, but I can't stop them from reappearing -- I no longer have that CD.

Microsoft's tech-support site has an article with three possible workarounds for this issue. Visit support.microsoft.com and search for article number 265194.

Microsoft should be embarrassed that its second suggestion requires editing the system registry, Windows' all-encompassing database of settings, where changing the wrong line can hobble the computer. The company should be equally ashamed that it hasn't fixed this common problem in any of the 11 updates released for Office 2000.

-- Rob Pegoraro

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