Korean Agency Probes Intel Practices

South Korea's Fair Trade Commission is investigating Intel's marketing and rebate programs. The case builds on separate probes in Europe and Japan as regulators in Asia's third-largest economy consider whether Intel has harmed competition.


Sprint Affiliate Contests Merger

Sprint's largest wireless affiliate filed suit alleging the Nextel acquisition will breach exclusive contract agreements the affiliate holds to provide phone service within Sprint's digital PCS network. Alamosa Holding, operator of AirGate PCS, is seeking an injunction that could disrupt the $70 billion deal.


Google to Spurn Cnet Reporters for a Year

Google told, the online tech news service of Cnet Networks, that it would not speak to any of its reporters for a year.

The move came after a story last month focused on potential threats to privacy posed by the search engine. A writer used Google to give details about Google chief executive Eric E. Schmidt, right, including his home address and net worth.

LCC International will restate results for the quarters ended Sept. 30, 2004, and March 31, 2005, and for the year ended Dec. 31, 2004, due to miscalculations of revenue earned from fixed-price contracts. LCC does not expect to file its second-quarter report on time but predicts a quarterly loss of $5 million on revenue of about $45 million. said second-quarter profit rose 9 percent, to $12.4 million, as solid growth in European operations and new retail hotel bookings contributed to the increase. Revenue grew 3 percent, to $266.6 million.

Compiled from news service reports.