Hyattsville: How do you approach the issue of being pregnant but still looking for employment? Do you tell potential employers that you are pregnant and that you may need to take time off during your first year working there?

It depends on how pregnant you are. One month? I'd keep it to myself until after I was hired -- mostly because the chance of miscarriage is still relatively high. Four months? Tell them after they've made an offer and try to work maternity leave into your salary negotiation. If you're further along, and more obviously pregnant, there won't be much point in trying to hide it. The best time to bring up leave, however, is still after an offer is made.

Maryland: What's the best way to deal with giving references during interviews? I work in an office with a staff of four, and them knowing that I'm looking for something new would cause major tension/hostility in the office (one reason I'm leaving). Unfortunately, this is my first job. I haven't had this level of responsibility anywhere else, so I can't give outside references that can really attest to my skills. Any suggestions on what to do?

That is a tough spot, especially if you really don't get along with any of the people in the office well enough to use them as a reference. Are you certain that it's that bad? If so, you'll have to move outside the work world to get your references. Do you do any volunteer work? Are you still in touch with any of your professors? Those are two common sources of references for people with thin work histories.