Service With a Smile

If you work an hourly job, it pays to smile at your customers.

Of eight managers who were interviewed about hiring hourly workers, five said a positive attitude is the characteristic they most like to see in employees, according to, a Web site for hourly job recruiting.

Employees may think that all they have to do in an hourly position is show up, but they need to do more than that to impress the boss, said Shawn Boyer, chief executive of

During job interviews, prospective hourly hires should emphasize their cheerful attitude, he said. Then, if hired, they should show their enthusiasm on the job.

Sometimes, this may be a challenge, he said. Customers can be flat-out rude.

"It is hard to be positive with people who are just nasty to you," Boyer said. But employees should stay calm and try not to react.

People who maintain positive attitudes at work are the ones who "get promoted the most quickly and have the most amount of success," Boyer said.

So remember, it never hurts to ask a customer, "How may I help you?" The boss just may be watching.

-- Anjali Athavaley