Intel Reveals New Desktop Chips

Intel unveiled its new Viiv brand for desktop models aimed at broadening sales into home entertainment systems. The new package of chips, whose name rhymes with five, goes on sale early next year. Devices with Viiv may look more like DVD players than PCs and will switch on instantly via remote control, Donald J. MacDonald, who heads Intel's digital home group, said at the company's developer conference in San Francisco.


HP Wins 3-Year Deal With Lucasfilm

Hewlett-Packard won a three-year technology and marketing contract with movie company Lucasfilm. Lucasfilm, founded by "Star Wars" filmmaker George Lucas, will add as many as 1,000 Hewlett-Packard workstations to produce visual effects and video games, Hewlett-Packard said. Terms of the contract, which also includes information storage and archiving, weren't disclosed.


Internet Phone Customers Could Be Cut Off

Providers of Internet-based phone services may be forced to cut off customers who haven't formally acknowledged that they understand potential problems with 911 service. The Federal Communications Commission had set the Monday deadline as an interim safeguard while voice over Internet protocol providers rush to comply with an FCC order requiring full emergency 911 capabilities by late November.

Vonage Holdings, the biggest VoIP carrier with more than 800,000 subscribers, said 96 percent of its customers have responded to notices about 911 risks. Vonage, AT&T and other carriers have indicated that they plan to comply with the deadline to disconnect customers. But Time Warner Cable, the biggest VoIP provider in the cable TV industry with more than 600,000 users, has told the FCC it sees no need to disconnect anyone because, it says, all customers have already been adequately informed about and acknowledged the risk of losing 911 service in a power outage.


TiVo Posts Its First Profit

TiVo reported a second-quarter profit of $240,000, compared with a loss of $10.8 million in the corresponding period of 2004. It was the first quarterly profit in the eight-year history of the company, which sells a digital recording service for television.

Intuit Narrows Fourth-Quarter Loss

Intuit, the world's biggest maker of tax-preparation software, said its fourth-quarter loss narrowed to $20 million from $42.1 million in the comparable quarter a year ago as new versions of its QuickBooks accounting software sparked sales. Sales in the quarter ended July 31 rose 17 percent, to $301.8 million.

For Intuit's fiscal 2005, profit rose 20 percent, to $381.6 million from $317 million the previous year, and revenue rose 13 percent, to $2.04 billion.

Compiled from staff and news service reports.