QHow do I get my Palm Desktop address book into my Gmail account?

AGoogle's free, still-in-perpetual-testing Web-mail service (gmail.google.com) does offer a way to pull in that contacts list, but it's one of the least convenient possible.

First, fire up Palm Desktop, click the Contacts or Address Book icon in the left-hand column (whichever one's there), go to the File menu and select "Export . . ." Then pick "Comma Separated (*.csv, *.txt)" as your export type and save the file to someplace convenient.

Here's where things get ugly: Because a CSV file doesn't label the lines of an address-book entry (name, e-mail, phone, etc.) in a way that other programs can read, you must rearrange them in the order the destination program expects. It will probably be easiest to do this in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. Visit gmail.google.com/support/ and search for answer 12119 for the ugly details.

Then log into Gmail, click on the Contacts link, then the Import Contacts link, to complete the job.

If Gmail could read "vCard" files, none of this rearranging would be necessary. This format is a standard way to exchange data among such programs as Palm Desktop, Apple's Address Book and Microsoft's Outlook (though the last can't save contacts in vCard format, for some odd reason).

I wanted to look up a seating chart for Redskins games, but Fedxfield.com sent me to a weird auction site. Has this page been hacked?

No. First, the correct address is www.redskins.com/fedexfield/, not fedexfield.com or the above misspelling of that.

This reader ran into a different sort of mischief, called "typosquatting": Somebody registers an Internet address very close to a legitimate one, hoping to draw traffic from people who misspell the real site's name. As a general rule, companies that use this sort of deception don't deserve your business.

-- Rob Pegoraro

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