Labor of Love

If you wake up and cannot wait to get to work, you're not alone.

One third of Americans love their jobs, according to a new Gallup poll. Those who work for a nonprofit group, the government or themselves are far more likely to do so than those who work for private industry.

Some 42 percent of workers in government or nonprofit groups told Gallup they love their work, versus 22 percent at businesses. And far fewer of the charity and public-sector workers say they hate their jobs.

Norman Rosenberg, chief executive of the nonprofit group Parents' Action for Children in the District, thinks he knows why.

"I like leveling the playing field for people without enormous wealth and power," said Rosenberg, who has spent 34 years in public-interest law and nonprofits. "I'm working on a cause that I believe in."

The top reasons work-loving people gave for their joy of the job: They like what they do, help the public, work with children or like their co-workers. Less important: pay, being creative, receiving challenging assignments and interacting with people, cited by 5 percent or fewer of the job-lovers.

-- Vickie Elmer