QI'd like to keep my Web bookmarks in alphabetical order, but my Web browser stores them in the order I add them. I can rearrange them myself, but is there any way to have the browser do that automatically?

AThere is -- but it's almost completely hidden, and in the same way in both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. In IE, select the Favorites menu, then, without clicking away, move the cursor down so it's above any one bookmark, right-click and select "Sort by Name." In Firefox, the menu to select is called Bookmarks, but the other steps are the same. Note that in either browser, you'll have to repeat this step for any sub-folders you have set up.

Apple's Safari browser doesn't offer this option, while Opera does -- along with the ability to view bookmarks in the order that they were last visited (to choose among these sort modes, go to its Bookmarks menu, select "Manage Bookmarks..." and click on the "View" toolbar icon).

It puzzles me that browsers offer so few ways to view and sort through bookmarks compared with all the playlist- and photo-album-management features in any good music or photo program. Where's the equivalent of a "smart playlist" for bookmarks that, for example, presents the sites you visit most or least often? For that matter, I'd be happy if browsers could just automatically check to see if all my bookmarks still point to functioning Web pages.

When somebody using a Mac sends me a photo, I somehow get two files on my Windows computer -- one much smaller than the other and unopenable. What's going on?

You can delete the second file, a strange but harmless artifact of how Apple's Mail program can package attachments. The senders can fix this problem by opening Mail, going to the Edit menu's Attachments item and selecting "Always Send Windows Friendly Attachments."

-- Rob Pegoraro

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