Position: Chief executive, Revolution Health Group, a consumer-

directed health care company in the District created by America Online co-founder Steve Case.

Career highlights: President and chief executive, Ticketmaster division, InterActiveCorp; president, information and services, IAC (where he led operating units Ticketmaster, Match.com, Citysearch, Evite, Reserve America and Entertainment Publishing Inc.); president and chief executive, Ticketmaster, a company controlled by IAC; president and chief executive, Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch; president, ticketing and transactions, Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch; general manager and executive vice president, network expansion, Citysearch; product manager, Frito-Lay; and associate product manager, new products and innovation, PepsiCo.

Age: 40

Education: BA, political science, Yale University; MBA, Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

Personal: Lives in Bethesda with wife, Jennifer, and their sons, Jack, 6, and James, 3.

How did you get to where you are?

I have always followed my passion and gut. Leaving PepsiCo was difficult because it was a great marketing organization and one where I was given general management responsibility. But the opportunity to be part of a new medium model on the Internet was unique and exciting, and one for which my gut said, "Take the plunge."

Ever since the mid-1990s, I have been working with different businesses and different business models anchored on Internet technology and consumer brand-building. One of the biggest challenges anyone can face when trying to advance or help transform a business sector is finding that balance between established business principles and strengths and the new ideas that will push the business to new levels.

One such challenge I faced was combining Ticketmaster Online -- a separate emerging company in the late 1990s -- with Ticketmaster proper, the partner company, which had been successful for over 20 years. This was all about integrating people and teams and combining the client, sales and traditional distribution strengths of Ticketmaster with the new functionality and business models that the Internet offered.

Today, the company is nearly three times as profitable as it was before 2000. Ticketmaster's customer service and consumer brand are stronger than ever. So the efforts produced great rewards, but the path was not without trial and tribulation.

One of the greatest privileges anyone can have is working with the best people in business. I have been blessed with that throughout my career. At PepsiCo, it was the reign of Roger Enrico and Steve Reinemund.

At InterActiveCorp, working with Barry Diller and his colleagues was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He is a man of tremendous vision, curiosity, appetite for risk and someone who creates value and success in most everything he pursues. Learning from his instincts and his skill has been a tremendous growth experience for me personally.

I hold the same regard for the board members of Revolution Health Group, which is chaired by Steve Case, a terrifically successful entrepreneur and businessman.

Revolution Health Group has the opportunity to create a leading company that capitalizes on the trends of consumer-driven health care. We believe over the coming years consumers should and will demand more convenience, control and choice in their health care.

-- Judith Mbuya