Chrysler, Autoworkers Agree on Contract

Chrysler and the Canadian Auto Workers agreed on a three-year contract that includes "modest" wage, pension and benefit increases, both sides said. An unspecified number of jobs will be eliminated through voluntary early retirements.

The contract, which covers 11,400 workers, includes the same basic terms as the new Ford contract reached on Sunday.


Farm Ministers Can't Agree on Corn

European Union agriculture ministers failed to agree on authorizing the use of a genetically altered corn product made by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a unit of DuPont and Dow Chemical

The executive European Commission will now decide whether to license the corn, which is used to feed livestock.

An E.U. expert panel this week also failed to agree on a separate license for the sale of a hybrid biotech corn made by Monsanto.

The commission is expected to approve both products. The European Food Safety Authority has ruled them to be safe.


Coal Producer Opens Office in Beijing

Peabody Energy of St. Louis, the world's leading coal producer, opened an office in Beijing and plans joint ventures in China, which produces coal and is the world's biggest coal consumer. Peabody would be restricted to holding minority stakes in Chinese mines.

Baidu to Appeal Copyright Ruling, a Chinese online search engine, plans to appeal a court ruling that it violated copyrights held by the entertainment company EMI in a case involving downloaded music files. Baidu claims that it provides only a search function, not files to download.

Compiled from news service reports.