Name: AVIcode Inc.

Location: Baltimore. The company is housed in the Technology Center at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County.

Funding: It received $150,000 from the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development in addition to funding from private investors.

Big idea: AVIcode created software for monitoring custom-built applications for Microsoft's .Net platform, a relatively new technology for developing, integrating and deploying Web-based services. AVIcode's product identifies application faults and performance bottlenecks in these applications. It has been embraced by Microsoft and is integrated with some of its products, including Microsoft Operations Manager and Microsoft Visual Studio.

How it works: "Companies are developing homegrown applications to monitor a system, because they're generating so much data they have to be able to manage it," said Marty Brandwin, vice president of marketing. These applications have a high failure rate, Brandwin said, and failures can have a big impact on a company's ability to drive revenue, if, for example, a critical e-commerce application fails. "They need to identify the problem, where it's occurring and fix it," said Brandwin. "We help diagnose the issue and provide the exact line in the source code of the application that causes the problem."

Where the idea was hatched: Co-founders Alexandre Zakonov and Victor Mushkatin realized Microsoft's new .Net platform didn't offer developers a way to monitor custom applications, so they created the software themselves, Brandwin said.

Example of use: AVIcode's product can be used for everything from Web-based human resources, real estate or e-commerce applications to internal finance or customer relationship management applications.

Big-name customers: Citigroup Inc., McGraw-Hill Cos., Computer Sciences Corp. and Microsoft Corp., which is also a partner.

Price: Determined by the number of servers a company wants to monitor applications on. The average cost for most customers is $40,000 to $45,000.

Founded: January 2004.

Who's in charge: Victor Mushkatin, chief technology officer; Alexandre Zakonov, chief architect; Mike Curreri, president and chief executive; Stephen Pelletier, vice president of business development; Mark Davis, vice president of sales; John Daus, vice president of corporate development; and Brandwin.

Employees: 35

Web site:

What the name means: The AVI "stands for Alex and Victor," Brandwin said.

Where will they be in five years?: "I think there's a lot of interest in this company, not just from Microsoft, but other high tech companies and venture capitalists," Brandwin said. "There's nothing in the hopper for acquisition, but that's a potential strategy at some point, and an IPO is another possibility."

-- Andrea Caumont

AVIcode Inc. executives Victor Mushkatin, from left, Alexandre Zakonov, Mike Curreri and Steve Pelletier.