The Marriage Dividend

Singles aren't living the high life -- not on the job, anyway.

Married people have more fun at work and appreciate their pay and work-life balance more than their unmarried counterparts. They're also more likely to feel that their finances are excellent or good, according to polling by Hudson, a staffing firm.

About three-quarters of married workers reported having fun at work, vs. less than two-thirds of single or divorced staffers. And married workers are more likely to achieve work-life balance than their unmarried peers -- 82 percent are very or somewhat satisfied, compared with 66 percent of singles, a Hudson poll of 1,891 U.S. workers found.

This jibes with Scott Margenau's experience. He's co-owner of ImageWorks Studio in Chantilly with his wife, Rheanna. "It definitely helps with her here," said Scott, who met his wife when she worked for a client. They back each other up and sometimes play hooky, taking long lunches. Work together means "we have more quality time together," he said.

If you settle down with someone, you're more likely to settle down into a job, too. Hudson found that more singles are job hunting -- and more marrieds have stayed with the same employer for 10-plus years.

-- Vickie Elmer