"Haciendo Negocios en Washington, D.C." isn't the most original of works. In fact, the new Spanish-language guide to doing business in the District is a section-by-section translation of a pamphlet already offered in English by the D.C. Marketing Center.

And that's exactly what the Ibero American Chamber of Commerce set out to produce in a new partnership with the business marketing center. "We took the information and we got it translated and found sponsors and printed it up," said Raul Cano-Rogers, president of the Hispanic business organization. "It's an everything guide if you want to start a business in the District."

Cano-Rogers says the 1,000 copies of the booklet that were printed in Spanish may not be enough to last a year as planned. He said copies are being requested not only by Hispanic entrepreneurs in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs but also by embassies that want to help potential investors from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

The original guide was created to help newcomers learn about a number of requirements for D.C. businesses, including permits that must be obtained and the taxes that must be paid. "It's not the easiest landscape to navigate, and that's one reason why we put this together," said Michael Stevens, president and chief executive of the marketing center. On Stevens' to-do list: making the Spanish-language version available as a link from his organization's Web site, www.dcmarketingcenter.com