Why watch video on an iPod?

* You don't have to remember to set the VCR, DVR or DVD recorder to record the show.

* You can watch on your train or bus commute, while waiting in line at the DMV, or any other place where your eyes have nothing else to do.

* You can also watch your own home movies, as well as videos downloaded from (ahem) other sources online.

* You can plug the iPod into a TV.

* The downloads are commercial free.

Why bother?

* The selection of shows available for purchase on iTunes is a tease -- just a handful of ABC and Disney programs.

* The downloads come only in VHS resolution.

* Download times can really drag on with slower broadband connections. (Don't even think of using dial-up for this!)

* Videos downloaded from iTunes are confined to computers and iPods in perpetuity because you can't burn them to DVD.

* Compared with paying $1.99 for a single show, paying $5 to $13 a month for a digital video recorder, TiVo or other, that records everything you get via cable or satellite looks like a steal.

* If you try to watch video during your driving commute, you might kill yourself, and possibly others.

-- Rob Pegoraro