The Fright Stuff

Our co-workers are scary enough on an average day. Now, they're about to dress up as witches and demons, political figures or office fixtures.

One-third of workers plan to don a costume instead of a dress shirt on Monday, according to a survey of 615 working adults by GFK NOP, a market research company.

At Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group, at least two-thirds of the Web developers, account executives and designers catch the spirit -- and hope to win costume prizes that include $500 in cash, a 15-inch flat-screen TV and dinner for two (at the Palm).

In recent years, employees masqueraded as George W. Bush, the iPod People, an X-acto knife, SpongeBob SquarePants and Minnie Mouse, said President Karen Zuckerman, who wore Minnie's ears and is considering a cheerleader outfit this Halloween.

"Some of the people get really crazy," she said. "Even reserved people dress up" at the Rockville advertising and Web design firm.

The only ones not likely to scare up a costume, she said, are the folks in senior management.

We don't know about those execs, but some managers don't need to dress up to be frightening.

-- Vickie Elmer