Wal-Mart Takes Control of Retailer

Wal-Mart said it is raising its stake in retailer Seiyu to almost 54 percent, from 42.5 percent, and will assume control of the money-losing company. Ed Kolodzieski, chief operating officer of Wal-Mart International, will become chief executive of Seiyu on Dec. 15, taking charge of 404 discount supermarkets and department stores.


U.S. Tariffs Remain on Shrimp

The U.S. International Trade Commission retained penalty tariffs on shrimp imports from India and Thailand. The commission voted unanimously that the U.S. shrimp industry would be injured by imports from India and Thailand if the tariffs were removed. India and Thailand said the sanctions should be lifted to help producers hurt by last year's tsunami.

U.S. Files Complaint Against Turkey

The United States charged Turkey with unfairly restricting rice imports. The complaint was filed with the World Trade Organization after negotiations failed to resolve the dispute. The United States said the restrictions caused a two-thirds decline of U.S. rice sales to Turkey since 2003.

Progress Reported in Textile Talks

The Bush administration said it made progress in talks with China on an agreement to limit the amount of Chinese clothing and textile imports. The talks this week, the fifth round since August, were held unannounced. The previous round ended in U.S. disappointment at a failure to resolve differences.

Compiled from news service reports.

Wal-Mart will spend up to $600 million to raise its stake in Seiyu.