Deal Leaves U.S. In Charge of Addressing

Negotiators from more than 100 countries agreed to leave the United States in charge of the Internet's addressing system. U.S. officials said that instead of transferring management to an international body, such as the United Nations, an international forum would be created to address concerns. The forum, however, would have no binding authority.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael Gallagher said the deal means the United States will leave day-to-day management to the private sector, through a quasi-independent organization called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). A group of countries, including China and Iran, had sought to replace ICANN with a multi-country group under U.N. auspices.


Hewlett-Packard Opens Lab in China

Hewlett-Packard said it opened a research lab in China to work with the country's public and private sectors to develop information management systems. HP, which has been in China for 20 years, said part of the research program involves using open-source technology to create a virtual museum by collecting content from 100 university museums around the country and putting it in a massive online database.


Court Refuses to Delay VOIP 911 Deadline

A federal appeals court refused to delay new Federal Communications Commission guidelines requiring Internet telephone companies to provide reliable 911 emergency call service. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia denied a motion filed two weeks ago by a group of Internet telephone companies who claim the regulations are unreasonable.

In May, the FCC ordered providers of voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) service to certify by Nov. 28 that customers will be able to reach an emergency dispatcher when they call 911. The FCC issued the order after a several incidents in which VOIP users were unable to connect with an emergency operator.

Compiled from staff and news service reports.

Hewlett-Packard has opened a research lab in China, where it has been doing business for 20 years, to work with the country's public and private sectors.