Kathleen Walsh Carr, former chief executive of Abigail Adams National Bank, as head of District operations for Cardinal Bank of McLean.

James R. Young, president of Union Pacific's railroad division, as chief executive of the company.

John F. Moynahan, chief financial officer of CardSystems Solutions, to rejoin Fairfax-based Xybernaut as chief financial officer.


Douglas J. Holtz-Eakin, as director of the Congressional Budget Office, to take a chair at the Council of Foreign Relations.

Lewis H. Lapham, as editor of Harper's Magazine, after almost 30 years.

Harvey Golub, chairman of TH Lee Putnam Ventures and former head of American Express, to start a private equity fund.

Elizabeth A. Monrad, chief financial officer of TIAA-CREF, as a result of an investigation of her role in transaction between AIG and General Re.

William Sexton, recently named chief executive of Refco, in the wake of bankruptcy and regulatory probe of commodities trading company.

Kent Brownridge, as general manager of Wenner Media, publisher of Rolling Stone.

Frank L. Cowles Jr., as director of Virginia Commerce Bancorp of Arlington, after being charged with investment fraud.

Host Marriott, hotel-owning half of Marriott empire, which will be known henceforth as Host Hotels, following the purchase of 38 properties from Starwood Hotels and Resorts.