Government Seeks to Sell Telecom

The Ukrainian government asked parliament to approve a long-delayed privatization of the country's largest telecommunications company, Ukrtelekom. It seeks to sell the company at auction, as the steel plant Kryvorizhstal was recently.

Ukrtelekom's privatization has been repeatedly postponed under both presidents Viktor Yushchenko, who took office in January, and Leonid Kuchma. Yushchenko has sought to undo some of the privatization deals under which many of Ukraine's industrial companies were sold for a pittance during Kuchma's decade as president.


'Knowledge Gap' Cited in U.N. Report

The "knowledge gap" is a major cause of poverty and is behind almost 60 percent of the giant income disparity between sub-Saharan African countries and industrialized countries, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization said in its 2005 report.

The report also said it is getting increasingly difficult for poor countries to catch up because industrialized countries are quickly developing their use of knowledge and technology.

Public policy should encourage not only the creation of science and technology skills but also a domestic demand for such capabilities, the report said.


Hong Kong Disneyland Draws First Million

Walt Disney Co. said Hong Kong Disneyland attracted more than 1 million visitors in its first 100 days. Hong Kong Disneyland, of which the Hong Kong government owns 57 percent, opened Sept. 12.

Forty-nine percent of visitors have been local residents and 26 percent came from mainland China, the company said.

Compiled from staff and news service reports.