Anonymous: I am very frustrated after looking for a job in the procurement market for the past six months. I had two interviews with two companies and was assured that I was going to get the job because I was very qualified for the positions. I called back, and to my surprise another candidate was hired. I am to the end of my savings, don't know where I am going to get the next payment for my rent. What am I doing wrong? Please give me some advice.

Do you want financial advice or career advice? If it's the former: Call a temp agency first thing tomorrow morning. Start work as soon as possible. That will get a check in your hands within a week.

As for the career advice, it sounds like you're probably doing fine. These things just take time. The only thing that would concern me after two interviews in which the employers' position changed so abruptly might be your references. Are you certain that none of your previous employers is saying anything negative about you? Might be worth investigating.

Arlington: I've been in administration for over 15 years and doing decorating and event planning as a personal hobby. Now I want to change careers and decorate and event-plan full time. How do I break into these fields if my degree is not directly related?

The degree probably won't matter much, especially not for the event-planning work. People in that field seem to come from all sorts of educational backgrounds. What does matter is your experience, even as a hobby. Even if your long-term goal is to work for yourself, consider taking an apprenticeship or job with someone already in the business to learn the ropes.

Also, check out the classes at your local community college. Many offer courses in the subjects that interest you.