Felicia Barlow has several years of experience as a freelance producer of film and video projects. She would like to make the jump from freelance to full-time producer and hopes she can use her varied professional background to her advantage.

Felicia has "done a good job of explaining the impact or value of [her] work; this can be helpful because many resume writers focus too much on duties and not enough on accomplishments," wrote Lenore Webb and Marie Spaulding of the American University Career Center. Webb advises students and recent graduates of American's School of Communications, and Spaulding advises on internships.

To make it easier for busy hiring managers to quickly scan her resume, they suggested that Barlow make it less wordy. "Consider streamlining text and using bullets instead of paragraph format," they wrote.

Webb and Spaulding also suggested that Barlow revise the resume's format to more effectively display her film and video work. "Consider combining your functional skills under the Experience section with your employment history/chronology so it is easier to see when and where you were involved with these varying production assignments. Employers need to see how long you have been professionally involved in producing -- you don't want to hide this."

Barlow should consider using three headings under her experience section: film and television; live events; and other experience. They also suggested that she break out specific skills related to her long-term work interest. "You may benefit from a separate Technical Skills Section that shows your familiarity or expertise with marketable audio and visual media skills."

-- Michael T. Shepard