Cel-Sci to Test Bird-Flu Drug

Cel-Sci, a Vienna biotechnology company, said it has reached an agreement with federal health officials to begin animal testing on one of its anti-infective drugs against bird flu.

The testing is at an early stage and is designed to determine whether the drug could be used as a treatment or preventive measure against the virus, which has sparked fears of a global flu pandemic.

The prospective drug, called CEL-1000, has been shown in animals to be effective against herpes simplex virus, viral encephalitis and malaria. The drug is designed to activate early-stage immune responses.


Time Warner Considers Buying Cablevision

Time Warner Cable may be interested in buying Cablevision Systems, chief executive Glenn A. Britt said.

Buying Cablevision would add 3 million customers in the New York area, where Time Warner Cable will become No. 1 next year with the closing of a planned purchase of part of Adelphia Communications. Time Warner chief executive Richard D. Parsons in July said he would be interested in buying even more cable assets.


ICANN Approves '.Asia' Domain

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a quasi-governmental organization that oversees the Internet, has tentatively approved a ".asia" Web domain to unify the Asia-Pacific community, but the group has delayed a decision on whether to move forward with a ".xxx" zone for pornography sites.

Separately, ICANN delegates discussed methods for allowing Web addresses to be created in Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic and other alphabets instead of the Latin script used in English.

RealNetworks Tests Rhapsody Upgrade

RealNetworks began testing a new version of its Rhapsody service that lets users listen to songs over the Internet when they are not at their own computer and without downloading software. The current version requires downloading a program to a computer.

Seattle-based RealNetworks aims to tap demand for software and services that can be used anywhere via the Internet. Rhapsody's music will be available on other Web sites, and users of Mac and Linux systems will have access for the first time.

Compiled from staff and news service reports.